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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect mindful consumers with smallholder farmers in tropical countries through premium, sustainably produced organic and Regenerative Organic Certified™ solar dried fruit.

Our Difference

From seed to delighting our consumer's taste buds, we own and control every step of our supply and value chain from recruiting, training, and certifying farmers; to processing and drying our fruit with solar energy; to connecting our products to loyal consumers. We know our farmers by name and can trace back to where every morsel of organic and Regenerative Organic Certified™ solar dried mango, pineapple, banana, and dragon fruit (pitahaya) comes from.

Sol Simple is a BCorp focused on transparency and accountability putting people and the planet first.

Our solar dried fruit snacks are made of 100% fruit with no additives and are also vegan and gluten-free. We hold the following certifications:

Organic Dried Fruit Snack Certification

Our Commitment To Regenerative Organic Agriculture

At Sol Simple we believe in the natural intelligence of the environment and its ability to heal. We believe that this very intelligence holds the solution to climate change. Regenerative agriculture embraces farming techniques that have been around for centuries, especially among communities like Nicaragua that rely on the land for their livelihoods.

Sol Simple is proud to practice regenerative organic agriculture, a set of farming practices that goes beyond organic standards to regenerate natural resources rather than deplete them, while benefiting communities and their surroundings. The Regenerative Organic Certificate is a holistic certificate that encompasses a set of strict and robust standards for soil health, animal welfare and fairness to farmers, also requiring all products be Fair Trade USA certified. Regenerative agriculture can reverse climate change by drawing carbon back into the soil through regenerative agroforestry systems such as intercropping, composting, cover-cropping, and low-or-no tillage.

In 2020, we were proud to be the first fruit company to receive the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) from the Regenerative Organic Alliance. We were also awarded the Silver level certification for our regenerative organic farming practices.


 2021 Impact Report Coming Soon!



Sol Simple has one of the largest solar hybrid dryers in the region. Traditional solar drying is done outdoors (exposing the fruit to bacteria and takes up to two or three days, which allows the fruit to oxidize). Our advanced dryer harnesses the sun's energy but can rely on a backup burner for a rare cloudy day. We solar dry our fruits indoors in a very hygienic and contamination-free environment. This process provides fruit that simply replenishes the earth, body, and soul.


Sol Simple partners directly with smallholder farmers and develops daily tactics to promote farm diversification and regenerative organic agriculture. Sol Simple identifies smallholder farmers and coordinates directly with various agencies to develop modern versions of agricultural techniques on small farms throughout Nicaragua. The result: smallholder farmers receive annual contracts above market price and learn how to sustain land use and soil health, which consequently draws down atmospheric carbon to cool the earth and supports farming communities.


Sol Simple hires single mothers and partners with female farmers in marginalized communities in an effort to advance the overall well-being of women and their families in Nicaragua. We coordinate directly with local government groups, educational institutions, and international developmental agencies to provide our employees and female farmers with both the skills and means to better their lives and their communities.

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