Our Story

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere with almost 48% of its population living on less than $1 per day. A severe lack of jobs and education in rural areas coupled with the inability of smallholder farmers to compete in the global market has created a perpetual cycle of poverty.

Though our story has many roots, it really begins when our Founder, Will Burke, was teaching in Nicaragua. Will was astonished by the amount of fruit laying on the ground and wasting away in a country with so much need. As time passed, he could not shake the images of decaying fruit and poverty.

Was there a way to bring economic and educational opportunities to marginalized communities while simultaneously protecting and utilizing the country’s natural resources?

The question was complex; the answer was simple.   

In 2007, Sol Simple was founded:

“I envisioned starting a fruit company, but not just any fruit company. I wanted to provide education and training to farmers, operate the plant using renewable energy, and support communities by employing single mothers.” - Will (Founder & CEO of Sol Simple)

Our mission is to connect conscientious consumers in export markets with smallholder farmers in tropical countries through high quality, sustainably produced natural products.

Sol Simple is more than just a brand. We promote sustainability in all areas of our business from agricultural practices to processing; we hire and train people from marginal communities; and we partner with, invest in and buy our fruit directly from smallholder farmers. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey from sol to soul.  

Check out our Impact Page to learn more about our sustainability efforts in Nicaragua.

Will Burke, Founder of Sol Simple

Will Burke, Founder of Sol Simple