Organic Farming:
Better For Your Health. Better For The Earth. 

People everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition and how organic food directly affects one’s overall well being. And while it is widely known that processed foods are responsible for a variety of health problems, it is less known that processed foods have a negative effect on our environment.

As the demand for healthy food continues to increase, it is essential that consumers understand that organically grown food isn’t only better for their health, but also essential to the health of the planet.

Eliminating soil and water contamination
Since organic food production strictly avoids the use of all synthetic chemicals, it does not pose any risk of soil and underground water contamination.

Protecting local wildlife
By avoiding toxic chemicals and carefully maintaining growing areas, organic farmers protect local wildlife rather than destroying natural habitats.

Conserving biodiversity
The avoidance of chemicals and use of all natural farming methods have been shown to help conserve biodiversity as it encourages a natural balance within the ecosystem.

Fighting against global warming
Purchasing crops from local farmers automatically reduces carbon dioxide emissions because less energy is used for transportation.

At Sol Simple, we understand the importance of organic farming and its positive impacts on the environment, which is why we partner directly with farmers and NGOs everyday to promote farm diversification and organic certification.

In 2015, we worked with over 300 farmers and, under our program, preserved almost 670 acres of land for organic farming. Our agronomists and field team identify farmers and develop diversified and integrated production systems using agroforestry on small farms to help farmers extend land use and preserve the areas for future generations.

Every day is Earth Day when you support organic farming because it not only protects the environment today, but also creates a positive, long-term impact for years to come. Check out our Impact Page to learn more about our sustainability efforts and see how we are pioneering solar drying technology in Nicaragua.