Know Your Farmer

Farmer Profile #2

Have you ever seen a dragon fruit farm? Dragon fruit does not grow on a tree but rather a fruit-bearing species of cacti that is native to Central and South America. Dragon fruit is unlike any other fruit, in appearance, taste and its ability to grow in strange, exotic places.

We love educating our fans and we are happy to share our dedicated farmers’ knowledge of this interesting fruit with them. We are continuing our Farmer Profiles this week with Carlos. Carlos is one of the 50 dragon fruit farmers in the area and his fields prove just how interesting this fruit really is.

Producer: Carlos
Fruit: Dragon Fruit (Pitahaya)
Years with Burke Agro: 4
Location: Paulo Solo Zona en la communidad de San Ignasio, Nicaragua.

Carlos’ fields are located on top of a narrow mountain pass with beautiful views and (of course) lots of pitahaya. Unlike many other fruit trees and bushes, pitahaya (dragon fruit) plants can grow in seemingly unnatural locations – like on the side of a mountain. Carlos tells us that the majority of his crop is growing on these steep mountain slopes and thrives in rich volcanic soil.

Carlos has spent the past four years with Burke Agro but has been a pitahaya producer for over 20 years. He loves working with organic crops and is grateful to be harvesting pitahaya because it is very delicious and has a very high demand in the international market.

Thanks for your sharing your knowledge of pitahaya with us, Carlos! We can't wait for this year's harvest.