Know Your Farmer

Farmer Profile #1

Sol Simple works with hundreds of small farmers in Nicaragua. Why? Because we believe there is something to be said about knowing where your food comes from.  A few weeks ago we set out to visit some of the farms from which we source our pineapples and dragon fruit (pitahaya). The dragon fruit season ended in November, but our hard-working producers are already preparing their crops for next year’s harvest.

Let’s meet some of our producers!

Producers: Javier and Orlando
Fruit: Dragon Fruit (Pitahaya) and Pineapple
Years with Sol Simple: 3  
Location: Zona de ubica de 8.5km de La Conception de Masaya, Nicaragua

Javier and Orlando switched to organic farming about 4 years ago. They are very pleased with the crops and happy to be a part of the cooperative working with Burke Agro.

Orlando admits that organic farming is very demanding and requires a large amount of preparation. But, as a result of switching to organic, the farmers and consumers are no longer exposed to harmful pesticides and the chemicals no longer damage the earth.

Javier says he is always fighting hard around this time of the year because of the heat and dryness, which can dehydrate the crops. But Javier is an expert and has battled through these conditions before. He is ready for a great harvest.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to organic farming, Javier and Orlando!