Our Mission

Our mission is to connect conscientious consumers in export markets with smallholder farmers in tropical countries through quality, sustainability-produced natural products.



Proud B Corp Company

Honoree for “Best For Community 2018”

Sol Simple became a B Corp because we wanted to join the movement that is redefining business standards through its recognition of, and rigorous adherence to, ethical business practices, transparency, and responsible sourcing.

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Solar Dried Organic Fruit

Sol Simple is more than just a brand. From seed to shelf, we’re there every step of the way. We know our farmers by name and can trace back to where every morsel of mango, bite of banana, and piece of pineapple comes from. 

Nothing Added But The Sun

We believe ‘good for you’ doesn't have to be complicated. That is why all of our organic fruit is dried by the energy of the sun with nothing added. 

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We Know Our Farmers By Name

We partner with, invest in, transfer technology to and buy from smallholder farmers. There are no intermediaries. We hire, train and empower people from marginalized communities to operate and advance our business and theirs. Meet the farmers!

Meet some of our farmers

Meet some of our farmers